Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Eternity died yesterday" photography by Richard schemmerer

Eternity died yesterday

photographic essay by Richard Schemmerer

we look to the future for answers
but the answers are burried in the sand of yesterday

copyright by Richard Schemmerer

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bio Diversity 2.0 photography by Richard Schemmerer

Sometimes you hit the jack pot and others did all the work for you planted the most diverse species all together in one spot right in your neighborhood. Of course I can't give away where that is. This is a small sample of my most recent adventures into a hyper naturalistic environment. The light was of another worldly luminosity and I let my camera soak it up to the max. I felt like I was able to capture more then just the plants but also their aura.

Friday, February 8, 2013

" Escape your limitations" photography on the streets of life by Richard Schemmerer

" Escape your limitations" photography on the streets of life by Richard Schemmerer

Anything can serve as inspiration to escape the dolldrum of life.
Actually it is in the ordinary where we can find the key to unlock the mystery that we are.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

" White Out" photography by Richard Schemmerer

" White Out"

Bleached Manipulations


by Richard Schemmerer

Often we see what we don't see. What I mean by that is we see a realty that is translated for us by our brain to be easier understood and maneuvered in.

The real world is not static. Everything is vibration, in constant movement and flux, in a process of decay and rebirth, in a suspended state of absorption and consumption.

We breath in this world with every wakening hour. After death we become the substance of the new light reflecting in the tiniest particles visible and invisible.

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"Who shot the rodeo clown" photography by Richard Schemmerer

"Who shot the rodeo clown" photography by Richard Schemmerer

Myth and showmanship meets every year in Pendelton. Testosterone levels are at a feverish pitch as men in chaps strut their beef past hungry eyes. A rodeo is a reenactment of a vital part of the American History that is now basically extinct.

Our roots serve us to remember that time will change no matter what and that what was once necessary is now outmoded. Masculinity issues have found new playgrounds on sports fields.

Nevertheless as the rodeo proofs some instincts never die in us and need to be reaffirmed and proofed as correct at least once a year.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

" New Faces for an old world" photography by Richard Schemmerer

"The New Faces for an old world"

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untitled 08

photography by Richard Schemmerer